Thursday, August 23, 2012

The shop is filling up !

It is starting to feel like a real shop this cards have arrived, internet is up and running (installed by proud of myself!) and we have had lots of new stock come in. Here are some more pics....
hand made flowers adorne our counter

I love this amber genie bottle

These are my babies from home...
I love pressed shell light shades, every light and lamp has one at my house...time to start sharing!

My recycled denim mushrooms

I love the vintage look of this tea set from Robert Gordon that arrived yesterday.

How cute are these coffee cups

More supplies have arrived this week...
buttons, knitting needles, self cover buttons, wooden earring blanks to name a

Gorgeous screen printed cards from Clone Designs

Cute monster purses from Kiss My Patootie

Cushion, tote and fabric birdies from Kerrie's Hangups

Gorgeous film icon jewellery from Ruby Red Studios....I had to have a bracelet and earring set myself ;)

Some of my earrings, made using the pages of old books
Just had some more orders come in, I had better get to work. Hope to see you soon :) Tracey


  1. Looking great, Tracey! Thanks so much for coming and introducing yourself on Friday night. I hope to come visiting with some of my handmade wares in the next week. Will be in touch.

  2. Looks like you're going to have a fabulous bunch of stock for your shop Tracey.
    Specially loving the flower display, your mushrooms and those gorgeous coffee mugs. :))

  3. Nice grouping of photos. Looks like you'll be busy.