Sunday, August 12, 2012

After Photos

Here are the photos after all our hard work
We built the counter from some old weathered tongue and groove we found under our house, I love the way it turned out!

I am most impressed with the transformation of rusty fridge...I covered it in polka dot contact...I think all fridges should be dotty now :)

Here is my lovely daughter hard at work

The blue we picked for the walls turned out so well

I have been stashing this vintage wallpaper for years, I am glad I will get to see it every day!

Winston our puppy checking it all out, We have nicknamed him 'shop dog'

I couldn't resist throwing in a picture of 'shop dog' as a baby...awww...wasn't he cute!
Now we are busy filling up the shop with lots of goodies, ready for our opening on Wednesday...15th of 2 days...I had better get to work!!


  1. This is amazing news Tracey!! Congratulations it looks great, can't wait to come and check it out! x

  2. Looks fantastic! And such a great location. Looking forward to visiting when it is up and running.

  3. Have just read your thread on the BrisStyle forum and thought I'd pop over and see your new shop. Loving the colours a LOT! Great colour for vintage and crafty things! Best of luck with it all. x

  4. This IS so exciting, i am now following along, so i can keep up with it all.
    All the best from fellow Brisstyler,
    Lynda (Elle and Lou)

  5. Amazing! Hope to come by today!